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improve sales effectiveness with extron's demo loan program solution


    Last Mile Manufacturing and Supply Chain Services Overview"Try before you buy" – Demo loan programs are often one of the best ways to convince customers of a product's effectiveness. When given the choice, buyers readily opt to try something first, rather than buy a product without using it or fully understanding its benefits.

    Trial programs can be challenging to manage. There are significant logistical and operational challenges – loss of demo equipment, monitoring problems, inadequately tested equipment, delayed delivery or mismanaged returns, etc. It can lead to cost issues, and worse, if not managed properly, it can even negatively influence the potential sale of the product. Further, the time your Field Engineers spend managing demo equipment is time they could be in front of customers.

    Extron's Demo Loan program - a world-class solution

    Extron’s industry-leading demo-loan management solution is turn-key, and gives you the control, efficiencies, and low costs that you need. Each demo loan program solution is customized to suit your needs, supported by Extron's world-class integration, operations, warehouse, logistics, and distribution infrastructure. The net result is that your demo products get into your customers hands faster, more cost-effectively, and more reliably. And you get them back and readied for the next demo faster and more economically.

    Trusted by leading companies, Extron can help your organization manage your field-deployed assets (demo units) so that you can maximize sales.

    Powered by Extron's EFS 4 Architecture, this world-class demo loan solution can help you:

    • Reduce costs and losses of equipment by up to 80%
    • Enjoy 24/7 web tracking of equipment
    • Minimize field asset downtime
    • Keep your demo pool refurbished and updated
    • Simplify warehousing and logistics/distribution of equipment
    • Maximize effectiveness of your Field Sales Engineers and Technicians
    • Integrate with your CRM and ERP systems

    Let us help you boost your sales team's effectiveness with Extron's demo loan program tailored to suit your needs.

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