depot repair and maintenance - the extron advantage

  • Depot Repair and Depot Maintenance, is important for material maintenance or repair, upgrading or rebuilding of parts and the testing and reclamation of equipment as necessary.

    It is a strategic and tactical business requirement in the supply chain process. Product returns need to be tracked and categorized to determine the reason and quality of the product. Returns management process separates the product in need of repair or further evaluation from the good ones that are returned to the inventory.

    For over 25 years, Extron has partnered with its clients to provide cutting-edge supply chain solutions designed to improve flexibility, reduce cost, and reduce risk and maintenance services. Our returns management solution includes diagnostic testing and failure analysis, plus complete refurbishment services, to bring the product back into compliance. We handle inbound return shipments quickly and efficiently.

    Depot Maintenance and Depot Repair Capabilities:

    • Returned materials detrashing and destruction (CDs packaging materials, etc.)
    • Warranty assessment, and date code validation
    • Testing, diangnosis, and repair services
    • Upgrades to software and/or firmware
    • Full refurbishment to like-new status
    • Full repackaging in channel-specific materials
    • Warehousing and Distribution
    • Legally-compliant disposal (i.e. WEEE and SB2050)
    • 24/7 web-based advanced inquiry and reporting

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