robust forward logistics and distribution services

  • The right systems: It's crucial. You need the ability to track your products' progress from inventory to loading docks, to your customer -- and make sure the right package arrives at the right place on time. Every time. No excuses.

    A reliable partner:  That's why top manufacturers turn to Extron. Extron, a Silicon Valley based supply chain solutions leader, offers full shipping and receiving solutions that take the complexity out of getting your product to your customer. Distribution hubs are strategically located to reduce costs, and the entire process is visible on-line 24/7 via secure, cutting edge software that displays all key performance metrics. Simply place the order on-line via flat file, XML, or EDI and your product is on the move..

    Efficient, scalable services: With energy and fuel costs spiraling upward, putting Extron's efficiency into your supply chain is a great way to preserve profits. And, as your business grows, your delivery capabilities can grow too - - and in a downturn, you avoid overloading fixed costs that can cripple a business.

    25 years of experience: With a quarter-century of experience and sophisticated in-house IT capability, we can have you up and moving product in a matter of days...

    Extron's Forward Logistics and Distribution services include:
    • Warehousing, Inventory Control, Lot Control
    • Order Management and EDI
    • Barcode Order Verification
    • Order QC services
    • Distribution -- Direct to Store or Distribution Center
    • Routing Guide Management
    • Freight Tracking and Management
    • Returns Management and Reverse Logistics solutions
    • On-line Tracking, Visibility, Inquiry and Reporting

    Reduce costs, increase reliability and speed, and improve customer satisfaction with world class forward logistics and distribution solutions from Extron.

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