What is last mile manufacturing?

  • Last Mile Manufacturing...

    Last Mile Manufacturing and Supply Chain Services Overview...is the part of the manufacturing process that happens in the final stages of the supply chain. It's where subassemblies, semi-finished goods, and other components come together to form a finished product. Often these components are configured in some unique way to meet the needs of a particular buyer, relatively close to the time that the product is ordered.

    Today, for many companies who have outsourced production to Asia, the entire manufacturing process is handled offshore by large contract manufacturers that basically provide end-to-end manufacturing services.

    Increases in overseas wages, intellectual property theft, political instability, transportation costs, and demand-side volatility are causing leading manufacturers to restructure their operations strategy.

    That's where the world-class operations solutions from Extron come in.

    Extron's Last Mile Manufacturing approach breaks the "local" end of this long supply chain off at a strategic point in the process and brings it back here to the United States. That’s why top manufacturers turn to Extron for their last-mile solutions:

    Extron's 'Glocal' TM Postponement Solutions consist of last-mile manufacturing services which reduce costs, improve productivity, and deliver faster time to market for your products.

    Reduce costs, increase flexibility and speed, and protect your intellectual property with world class solutions from Extron.

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