outsourcing order fulfillment services for efficient delivery

  • The Strategic Outsourcing Advantage: Outsourcing order fulfillment allows a company to focus on sales and marketing, and not get bogged down in the complex process of managing inbound orders, inventory, fulfillment, and shipping. Let the experts at Extron use their proven systems to give your company an advantage in both execution and cost..

    Wide array of order fulfillment services:  Extron configures our clients’ products with everything from electro-mechanical assembly (box build) and retail pack out (RF sealing, shrink-wrap, clamshells, etc.) to custom labeling in the fulfillment warehouse. All of this is overseen by a skilled quality control management staff that ensures that you are delivering the highest quality product to the customer.

    Real-time visibilitys: All processes can be easily monitored from your desktop computer with our proprietary software. 

    Supply Chain & Order Fulfillment Solutions:
    • Fulfillment, Warehouse, and Distribution Solutions
    • Retail/OEM/Wholesale Packaging (hardware and software pack out: retail box, RF sealing clamshell packaging, blister pack, shrink wrap, etc.)
    • Retail fulfillment solutions
    • Customization:  Custom kitting, Promotional solutions, Serial number capture, etc.
    • POP (point of purchase) display manufacturing
    • Order Fulfillment Management
    • Inventory Control, Lot Control
    • Distribution -- Direct to Store or Distribution Center
    • On-line Visibility, Inquiry, and Reporting.
  • Advanced Fulfillment Capabilities:

    • Importer of Record
    • International Paperwork
    • Customs
    • Duties and Taxes
    • Denied Party Screening

    Reduce costs, increase flexibility and speed, and improve customer satisfaction with world class order fulfillment solutions from Extron. 

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