retail fulfillment solutions for greater efficiency and flexibility

  • Reduce cost and increase flexibility: The retail marketplace is steadily becoming more volatile and competitive - putting pressure on manufacturers to move closer to mass customization in order to satisfy the marketplace. To accomplish this, you need a retail supply chain partner like Extron, who can help you meet their needs and do it at a lower cost and with more flexibility than building it yourself.

    Complete control: Extron's retail fulfillment solutions allow you to configure your retail products to meet each retailer's specific needs. From electro-mechanical assembly, to routing guide compliance, to retailer-specific packaging, to retail packing, to custom labeling, Extron configures your products as needed.

    Retail fulfillment service: With Extron's retail fulfillment service, you only ship the most recent products and in the quantities that are ordered – this means no stocking of products with a limited shelf life..

    Extron's Retail Fulfillment Solutions include:
    • Retail Packaging (hardware and software pack out: retail box, RF sealing clamshell packaging, blister pack, shrink wrap, etc.)
    • Custom Labeling
    • Serialization/ Serial Number Tracking
    • Warehousing services, Inventory Control, Lot Control
    • Order Management and EDI
    • Routing Guide Management
    • Direct to Store or Distribution Center
    • Forward logistics and Retail logistics services
    • Freight Management, and Tracking
    • Returns Management
    • Online Tracking, Inquiry and Reporting

    Let Extron show you how its Retail Fulfillment solutions can help you meet your customer’s specific retail configuration needs - faster, more flexibly, and more economically than you ever thought possible. 

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