supply base management services

  • Have a materials headache?: Managing a planning and procurement department and maintaining communication with your suppliers requires a massive commitment of personnel, management time, and money that can drive your production overhead through the roof.

    Let Extron handle it: Extron’s established partnerships cover a global spectrum of suppliers and industries. These relationships are well-established and assure excellent cost, quality, and on-time delivery.  Additionally, we can aid your engineering staff in component qualification. 

    Global resources: With offices in the US and Asia, Extron has the ability to shop at the source and in-region. With extensive knowledge and a mature supply base in Asia, including parts, sub assemblies, and build-to-print items, Extron can assure that your products are always cost competitive and take full advantage of global economic trends. 

    Flexible, up-to-date sourcing: Unlike most contract manufacturers, Extron will work within a wide range of material models -- full turnkey programs, full consignment programs, or a mix of both. We stay abreast of market changes and respond rapidly with new options.  We offer all clients full access to inventory levels via our proprietary online interface, 24/7. 

    Supply Base Management and Qualification services:
    • Material Planning and Procurement
    • Domestic and Offshore Sourcing
    • Turnkey and Consigned Materials
    • Supplier Qualification and Certification
    • Vendor Managed Inventory
    • Kan Ban and other models
    • Full Materials Lifecycle Management

    Whether you are looking for supply base alternatives or faithful adherence to your approved vendor list, let Extron provision for you.

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