Extron Whiite Papers

Extron White Papers

New Paradigms in Reverse Logistics and Returns Management

Learn how new approaches in effective return-product management ensure customer satisfaction, maximization of resources, and greater company profitability. Learn why a world-class reverse logistics strategy can be a game changer for your company, and how you can implement it quickly and efficiently.

The Case for Outsourced Demo/Eval Program Management

Is your sales team able to execute flawless "try before you buy" programs? Are your trade show assets always in great shape, and showing up on time? Do your field assets often need firmware or software updates? Here's why a polished demo/loaner or field asset management program is a must.

The Evolution of the Last Mile Supply Chain

Beginning in the 1980s, the United States led a massive globalization effort. Outsourcing of manufacturing to Asia was the mantra of many competitive organizations. But the winds of change have arrived, and with the wage advantage of Asia manufacturing steadily decreasing, a new strategy - - the Last Mile Manufacturing strategy -- is increasingly helping companies succeed. Find out how your company can use this to their advantage.